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By implementing tried and tested techniques, we guarantee compliance for our customers while maximizing their chances of winning federal contracts.

About Us

For over 20 years, we at Ben Jolaoso Enterprise have been helping clients fulfill their federal contract obligations successfully and profitably while reducing any likelihood of violating compliance requirements. We assist businesses that have or are looking to secure federal contracts.

When it comes to developing novel ways and solutions for complying with the requirements of government contracts, we combine our knowledge of the legislation with significant experience and skills in financial and accounting matters.

Government Contracting

It’s imperative to have a standardized procedure for how you are going to obtain a contract and start your services. We can guide you through establishing your contract, reducing the likelihood of any difficulties or delays occurring.

Government Consulting

As your trustworthy government contracting consultant, we can optimize your financial performance by utilizing our years of knowledge and understanding of the industry and the intricate procedures involved in securing contracts.

Our Services

GSA Contract Development

The GSA contract development services we offer are one-of-a-kind, completely adaptable to satisfy the customer’s prerequisites, and all-encompassing in range.

Government Contract Management

Any government program’s likelihood of success is directly correlated to the quality of its administration and management of its federal contracts. That’s where we come in to assist you.

GSA Contract Consulting

Our expert consultants assist clients with multifaceted projects. We assist our usual clients with diverse projects, becoming a trustworthy companion throughout.

GSA Contract Compliance

Following our GSA Contract Compliance Review, we’ll detail all of the findings in a complete report with recommendations for any problem areas found.

Market Intelligence

Our clients can choose our Market Intelligence Service as a standalone solution or as a component of our turn-key contracting program.

Turn-Key Program Management

We offer consultancy in addition to comprehensive turn-key services to assist you in establishing a program that will allow you to be successful and profitable.

Import and Export Industry

The international commerce industry is enormous and lucrative. Every country does business with other nations by importing items from other countries and trying to sell its own products in other nations. Banks, legal firms, corporations that move goods by air, water, or land, customs, inspection companies, and government authorities are all engaged in this procedure, which is quite complicated.

We at Ben Jolaoso Enterprise ensure that international transactions proceed without a hitch. We function as a go-between for businesses that import and export goods. We use our extensive knowledge to organize the transportation of certain items in a manner optimal in terms of quality service and cost-effectiveness. We will take on the responsibility of minimizing redtape, reducing expenses, and avoiding delays when transporting your goods.

What Our Clients Say!

Ben Jolaoso's expertise in government purchasing, sales methods, and government markets has been extremely beneficial to the expansion of my company, and I would highly suggest their services to any other business. Mark K.

Ben Jolaoso & Team assisted us in formulating a winning strategy, worked with us to produce a comprehensive offering, and resolved challenges that arose before securing the contract. This company is of the highest caliber. Laura M.

Ben Jolaoso Enterprise guided us through the response process and ultimately secured a contract for our company. Following the awarding of the contract, they continued to provide uninterrupted services and meticulously prepared all of the necessary files for GSA Advantage. This organization knows how to get things done! Benjamin P.